Broken Windows and Board Up Services

Imagine you are sitting at home enjoying an evening inside when your window shatters as a result of a rock thrown through your window.  It certainly will give you a jump and startle you!  But, once your heart stops racing, you’re stuck with a mess, wondering how you’ll clean up and replace your window.

At LaPointe Construction Board Up Services, many of our emergency calls are from homeowners experiencing a fire and in need of our Board up and Fire Damage Restoration services.  Storm damage calls from clients needing Board up services and Water Damage Restoration services due to high winds and flying debris rank high on our list, as well.  However, our services aren’t limited to major events. 

We understand that problems can arise at any time which is why we offer emergency services.  If a rock is flung through your window and the home improvement stores are closed for the day, give us a call.  Rather than trying to do the work yourself, call the experts!  We have the tools, manpower, and experience to board up your window.  Here are just a few of the reasons using a professional board up company is essential:

  1. Safety and security: A large garbage bag or tarp can cover a broken window until a new window is ordered and installed, however you may not feel secure in safe in your home.  A professional company uses techniques and equipment to prevent intruders, unfavorable weather, and critters from entering your home.
  2. Cost: Believe it or not, a DIY fix may cost more.  Take into account the supplies, tools, labor, and for larger windows, if you even have a vehicle large enough to tote the plywood and boards home from the store.
  3. Efficiency: A Board up company like LaPointe, is available 24 hours a day.  You won’t have to feel ill at ease when the broken window is boarded up quickly. 
  4. Time: Don’t feel pressured to race out to find the first replacement window available.  When you board up your window, you have more time to shop around for the best windows for your home, saving yourself money at times.
  5. Aesthetics: Obviously a broken window is an eye-sore, drastically reducing your curb-appeal.  However, a professional makes the job look its best practicing skills that make sure your home is secure and looks the best it can look until the replacement window is installed.

At LaPointe, we understand your need to return to normal when a disaster or home event uproots your lifestyle.  We offer quick, efficient services so you and your family can sleep feeling secure.  Call us when your home has an emergency at 978-447-5991 or you can visit our Facebook page to learn more about our Board Up Service at