Board-Up Services for Commercial Properties

Has your commercial property suffered harm due to a fire, storm, or other cause? Are the windows or doors damaged? LaPointe Construction Board-Up Service has assisted many businesses in the aftermath of emergencies and disasters, such as fires and floods, to preserve the structural integrity of their buildings. Board-up services are an essential step if your property’s windows and doors have been damaged. If repairs can’t be performed right away, these vulnerable entry points leave your property at risk. Board-up-services can greatly decrease the risk of further property damage and vandalism.

Benefits of Board-Up Services

  • Minimizes Risks from Weather: This is an especially important consideration if there is ongoing bad weather in the forecast, such as heavy rain or high winds. Board-up services can prevent excess moisture from entering the building, which can cause structural damage and mold, among other problems.
  • Preventing Crime: Board-up services can prevent crime by closing off vulnerabilities presented by broken windows and damaged doors. These issues are the equivalent of leaving your door wide open. Unwanted intruders might be tempted to use these entry points to get inside. By blocking off these entrances, you’re protecting your property against crime and vandalism. While no one wants to think about crime occurring on their property, it is a reality and needs to be protected against.
  • Keeping Out Pests: Human intruders are not the only ones you need to worry about. Board-up services can also prevent pests from getting inside of your building while you wait for the restoration process to begin. Potential pests include rodents, insects, birds, and other animals. These vermin can cause significant secondary damage to your property, including the structures and wiring, if steps aren’t taken to keep them out.
  • Peace of Mind: One element you might be overlooking but that can be of great value is your peace of mind. After an emergency, such as a fire, your sense of security may be shaken. At L.C.B.S., we aim to restore your sense of control and lower your stress with our services. You have enough to worry about. Board-up services allow you know that your property is protected while you figure out your next steps.

The process of board-up services involves assessing the damage to the building, taking measurements, and installing wooden boards over the broken or missing windows and doors. L.C.B.S. performs this service whenever it’s needed after an emergency, 24 hours a day, every day of the year. With one simple call, we can relieve some of the weight off your shoulders.

Board-up services protect businesses in the wait time between when the damage occurs and when you’re able to move forward with reconstruction. This makes board-up services an essential component of the process in many cases. Our professional team can help you decide what services are right for your commercial property in the wake of a disaster.

Situations That May Call for Board-Up Services

  • Fire damage
  • Storm damage
  • Accidental damage
  • Car accidents
  • Preemptive protection (when strong storms are in the forecast)

LaPointe Construction Board-Up Service has been assisting business and homeowners for over 50 years to preserve and restore their properties in the wake of disasters. Count on our reliable, skilled team to provide the professional services you need, including board-up services and temporary shoring. Contact us today at 978-447-5991 if your business is in the Eastern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire region.