Board Up Service: Tips for Viewing Fall Foliage

Weather forecasters are gearing up for a mild fall.  New England residents can agree that we’ve had a lovely summer with only a few days of extreme heat.  The fall in the Northeast is predicted to bring above average temperatures but with an increase in rainfall.

While we all understand that a forecast can quickly change, the good news is that the cold weather, though around the corner, will stave off for a little while longer.  Along with the good news of lingering warm temperatures comes the increase in storm chances.  At LaPointe Construction Board Up Service, we keep an eye on approaching weather systems and are prepared in the event that a major storm disrupts your lifestyle.

Storm damage tends to come up in conversation in the spring and summer months, but don’t disregard fall storms too quickly.  Warm, above average temperatures can clash with cold fronts to give us a spectacular display of nature.  In fact, with the predicted fall temperatures, forecasters suspect the fall foliage we love so much won’t be around as long as windy conditions and storms will shorten the viewing period.  Bottom line: schedule your fall foliage excursions early enough to experience their glory.

Here are some tips to achieve the best foliage views that New England has to offer:

  • Stay up to date on the season. Most states have online updates available so you know when the leaves are at their peak.
  • Be patient. The magnificent colors of the fall season are meant to be relished and enjoyed in their breathtaking awesomeness.  Take it all in stride and live in the moment.
  • Pack and dress in layers. Whether you are on foot or by car, the temperatures can fluctuate in the fall.  Dress in appropriate layers.
  • Be kind. If you’re not from the New England area, remember you are a guest.  Pick up after yourself, be kind to the locals, and obey local laws.
  • Bring a camera. The majestic views of the Northeast create picture perfect memories.
  • Research your trip. Look into other attractions besides leaves.  This way you’ll get to experience a full spectrum of events even if the trees have dropped most of their leaves.  

Taking in the landscape and vista views in New England in the fall is an experience unlike any other.  It will instill an appreciation for nature, expand your cultural horizons, and bring you memories to cherish for a lifetime.  Locals know, all too well, how amazing a foliage excursion can be.  Explore the rich history prevalent in the area while relishing the view. 

It is our hope that the fall weather stays temperate and beautiful for all of our locals and guests.  However, should a storm arise, know we’ve got your back at LaPointe Construction Board Up Service.  Fall storms and hurricane conditions can destroy homes, rip down trees, and damage windows.  If you are in need of a Board Up solution, give us a call.

We are available to board up your windows before or after a storm in order to protect you and your property.  Call us at 978-447-5991 for emergency Board Up Services or visit our Facebook page at to learn more.