Bio Hazard Clean-Up

While most of us think that biohazards are something that happens at the doctor’s office or hospital, the truth is that it can happen anywhere. In fact, we have biohazards in our home every day – any kind of human waste or body fluid is technically a biohazard. Usually we are dealing with small amounts and the cleanup is fairly simple. Sometimes, however, something happens and we are left with more than we can handle.

When You Should Call in Professionals

A lot of issues can be easily handled on your own, but there are some situations where you definitely need professional help. An experienced cleaning team has some advantages that you don’t. They may have specialized equipment and cleaners, they have a lot of experience in dealing with potentially dangerous substances, and, to be blunt, they are able to handle some unpleasant things that might make the average person off balance.

Deciding whether you can handle a clean up yourself or if you need assistance is a personal decision. There are several factors to consider.

  • Where did the biohazard come from? This is important for a variety of reasons. Any bodily fluid is technically a biohazard, but some are more dangerous than others. A clogged toilet or other plumbing issue can carry a wide range of potentially dangerous bacteria and other pathogens. However, if it’s your family bathroom and you are comfortable cleaning it up yourself, then the risk is fairly small. Similarly, blood-borne diseases are a serious issue, but if your own family member has been injured and you are aware of their medical history, then you might choose to clean it up yourself.
  • What is your own risk? If you have a compromised immune system or other reason to be concerned, it is better to let the pros handle it.
  • How hard is the clean-up going to be? If a large area is affected, it has been sitting for an extended period, or there are lots of crevices and hard-to-reach spots involved, then it’s hard to do a thorough job. Some materials are also really hard to clean properly, such as wood, carpet, and drywall. It might look clean to the eye, but still harbor some dangerous microbes. If there is any doubt, call in the experts.
  • Is there damage to the property as well? If an accident was involved, there may be damage to the structure of the home that an expert will spot but you may overlook. In the case of a plumbing mishap, water damage can be serious business, and many signs of deeper damage are easy to miss.
  • Can you handle the “ick factor”? For many of us, cleaning up these kinds of messes is just too gross. There is certainly nothing to be ashamed of if you are overwhelmed by the smell or the thought of touching it makes you feel sick.

Sometimes, a biohazard mess is the result of a traumatic event. Your cleaning needs might result from a terrible accident, an incident violence, or a serious illness. If so, a professional cleaning team can help you. Some companies specialize in this type of service. They can help you through this difficult experience by handling your clean-up with tact and care, so that you aren’t forced to go through it on your own.

At LaPointe Construction Board Up Service, we have worked with many people whose homes and businesses have been damaged due to unpleasant events. A disaster often leaves more than just fire or water damage. While we aren’t a cleaning company, we can help you find someone who is able to help you with your biohazard situation. For over 50 years, our family business has been helping local property owners through some of their tough times. If you need assistance, call us at 978-447-5991 and let us help you.