After a Fire Damages Your Home

If your home and possessions are damaged by a fire, it’s important to call in expert help as soon as possible. Fast action is often the key to improve the chances of salvaging your possessions. When the clean-up process is delayed, many items are further damaged.

The first thing to do after a fire is to contact your insurance company. Most insurance policies have timelines that you have to follow. If you miss a filing deadline, your claim could be denied. Your insurance company can tell you what kind of documentation is required. Make sure that you save any receipts, even if you don’t think you’ll need them. Expenses like hotel or apartment rental, clothes replacement, and others can be reimbursed later on.

Depending on your coverage, the insurance company may pay your property restoration experts directly, or you may be reimbursed later on. Either way, the team at LaPointe Construction Board Up Service has many years of experience in working with insurance companies, so we can help you navigate the complicated paperwork

Once you have notified your insurance company, you want to bring in a professional property restoration service as soon as possible. You want to choose a company that has experience in dealing with fire damage restoration. Some contractors may not have the equipment or skills to handle the complex issues that can result from a fire.

  • Different types of soot need different cleaning methods. Soot can be dry, wet, or oily depending on what is burned, the temperature of the fire, and outside factors such as fire fighting materials. Improper handling can mean the difference between a simple cleaning job and ruined possessions.
  • Water damage from fire extinguishing efforts is a common problem after a fire. It mixes with soot to create a sludgy mix that can be hard to clean up. In addition, it can weaken walls and cause ceilings to sag and even collapse.
  • Lingering odors from smoke are a common problem after an inexperienced company repairs fire damage. Ventilation systems and ductwork should be cleaned and filters changed. In many situations, commercial air scrubbers need to be brought in to take care of the last bit of odor.

These problems can be mitigated when handled properly, but using the wrong cleaning methods can lead to irreparable damage to your belongings. In some cases, choosing a contractor that isn’t using to handling fire and water damage restoration can lead to even more problems later on. If subtle warning signs are missed, you might find yourself dealing with mold remediation or other long term problems.

If your home catches on fire, don’t try to handle the aftermath by yourself. Call on the experts at LaPointe Construction Board Up Service to help you. From securing your property on that first day to the last finishing touches on your completely restored home, our highly trained team is by your side. There is a reason that we’ve been a top choice for homeowners here in New England for over 50 years. Call us at 978-447-5991 to see how we can help you.