A Few Signs You Need a New Roof

Most homeowners believe that they need a new roof only when they spot a leak.  However, the leak can be a result of a number of issues or roofing problems.  But how can you determine if you need a new roof before your ceiling and other parts of your home suffer from damage?  This article will briefly describe some warning signs that you should look for when determining whether to repair or purchase a new roof.

Age of the Roof

This is a crucial factor to take into consideration not only for your own home, but especially if you are looking to purchase a new home.  Most roof experts state that a good asphalt roof will last you about 20 to 25 years before it needs replacing.  If your current roof was installed over an old roof and improperly ventilated and it is over 20 years old then you will probably need a new roof as soon as possible.

Shingles that Curl or Buckle

Another telltale sign that your home is in need of a new roof is if you notice your shingles curling or buckling.  Take a look at the slopes of your roof that get hit with direct sunlight and if you see that the shingles or some of them are curling or losing their texture that means that the shingles are past their prime.  It can also be a sign that the roof is defective.  If it is an issue of being defective then you may be eligible for reimbursement.

Roof Valleys

If you have missing shingles or some are falling apart in a valley area, it is a definite sign that you need a new roof.  Valleys are critical to your roof because they allow precipitation to flow to the gutters.  If the valleys are compromised, you run the risk of roof leaks and eventual water damage.

Missing Shingles

Roofs often lose shingles over time and can indicate a need for a new roof.  It is best to call a professional to check the condition of your roof and diagnose it for repairs or replacement.

Chimney Flashing

Also pay attention to where your roof and the chimney meet.  If the flashing is made of cement or tar it might have to be replaced along with the entire roof.  If it is replaced make sure that it is with a long term, water tight fitting (i.e. metal flashing).

Shingle Granules in Gutters

Check your gutters to see if the textured granules on shingles are ending up in the roof gutters.  Roofs lose more of these granules towards the end of the life cycle.

Daylight through Roof Boards

You can also climb into your attic to assess the roof.  If you see daylight coming in from atop then you likely need a new roof.  While you’re up there it is also a good idea to check for moisture in the insulation, which can be a sign of a leaky roof.

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