Are you looking for a water and fire damage restoration company? When a home or business fire occurs, it is a devastating life change that leaves property owners feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of smoke, soot, and damage. It is also time-consuming when you do not have experts like LaPointe Construction Board-Up Service helping you restore your home or business. If you are unsure of what to do next, call (978) 447-5991 so that you avoid these five critical mistakes that cause serious damage.

  1. Smoke Produces Acidic pH Molecules That Causes Permanent Surface Damage

Smoke is present when materials have not yet fully burned. When it is present in a house fire, you notice a blend of molecules like wood tar (if a wood structure) soot, gas, and ash on materials that have not fully burned. When materials that have an acidic pH cools, it leaves a thin film on all the surface areas which lead to additional corrosion and discoloration from the acrid smoke. The longer it stays on surface materials, the less likely it will be to save your possessions.

  1. Smoke Odors Absorb Into Surface Materials Which Damages Your Possessions

Smoke and soot cause odors that absorb quickly into your walls, curtains, carpets, and clothing.  The longer they stay on your possessions, the harsher the smells will be. There is also the danger of hidden soot and odors which is why it is advisable to hire a water and fire damage restoration company that has the high-tech equipment for proper cleanup and restoration.

  1. Smoke Contains Harmful Chemicals

Smoke and soot contain harmful chemicals like methane, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, sulfur dioxide, benzene, and metals that are dangerous when exposed to the body. Additional chemicals also include those that are created based on the type of materials your home or possessions are made of which include building materials, household goods, and personal possessions that create secondary chemicals from harsh metals and plastics. Failure to remove these quickly after a fire creates a dangerous situation that makes the home’s interior deadly without protective gear.

  1. An Enclosed Space Creates Unsafe Air Quality That Causes Serious Medical Issues

Smoke does not just destroy the structure and possessions, but it also creates an unsafe air quality that will get worse over time. During the clean-out and clean-up, you may experience respiratory issues like shortness of breath or bronchitis. Extended inhalation of the smoke and soot also increases the risk of chronic medical conditions like asthma, stroke, and heart attack.

  1. Mold Will Grow In 24 To 48 Hours After Water And Fire Damage

Your local fire department will put out a fire with water which means that there is a high probability that mold will begin to grow in as little as 24 to 48 hours. It is a vital reason why you need to begin your clean-up and dry-out as soon as the fire marshall gives you the clearance.

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