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LaPointe Construction Board Up Service LLC

About Us

Our-TeamLaPointe Construction was established in 1960 by Guy LaPointe focused solely on general contracting and construction. Over the years Kevin LaPointe took over for his father Guy and grew the company helping thousands of property owners for the past 40 years.

Today LaPointe Construction Board Up is lead by Kevin LaPointe Jr. who has been in the business for 20 years.  As the next generation of the company Kevin has expanded the company’s services to include Emergency Response Board Up Service as well as Fire and Water Damage Restoration.

After 50 years in business LaPointe Construction is still a family owned and operated business servicing customers all over Eastern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. We have the experience to manage all types of general contracting and specialize in working directly with insurance company billing.

Our emergency response team is available 24 HOURS A DAY 7 DAYS A WEEK. We are able to secure your property with temporary fencing and board up your entry points, removed the damaged materials and then restore the property to a pre loss condition. We are fully licensed, insured and bonded to handle almost any kind of job.

We understand how stressful a disaster can be and as a family run business we want to help you get your home or business back to normal as fast as possible.

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24 Hour Emergency Response Board Up Service

We are there for you. Anytime, day or night, seven days a week. Emergencies do not always happen during normal business hours and at LaPointe Construction Board Up Service, we know this. The first step is to secure your property with boarding up of open windows and doorways. Call LaPointe Construction Board Up Service – we will be there when you need us. Vacant property is vulnerable to vandalism, liability and theft. With our protection, you can focus on recovery.

General Contracting

General Contracting

For over 40 years we have built our business on solid relationships as a family owned and operated company. We believe in quality work and making our customers happy on every single job. We understand that our customers want to have their properties available for the intended use. We also know that we must finish our projects on time and on budget and we are committed to this with every job.


Fire and Water Restoration

LaPointe Construction Board Up Service are the experts – we restore property from fire and water damage. Making decisions in the immediate aftermath of a disaster can be overwhelming. With the expert help of LaPointe Construction Board Up Service, devastation is transformed into a new beginning. The training and experience of our professionals will restore your property better than new. Our comprehensive skills mean there is no need to hire additional companies – we do it all.


Clean Outs

The accumulation of junk is detrimental to property value, safety, and peace of mind. Don’t wait any longer to start – call LaPointe Construction Board Up Service for efficient service. We can do residential and business cleanups, outdoors or indoors. We can remove junk, debris, and trash.

LaPointe Construction

Gut Outs

The experts on the LaPointe Construction Board Up Service will efficiently and systemically tackle your gut out jobs. All kinds of buildings need gut out services from time to time. We do gut outs for estate or foreclosure cleanouts, disaster restoration, eviction, and even garages. Our systematic approach makes quick work of your gut out job.


Plumbing System Winterizing

In cold climates, water from broken and leaking pipes can cause major structural damage. To prevent water from freezing in the pipes, LaPointe Construction Board Up Service will inspect the plumbing system and take all required preventive measures.


Property Maintenance

Putting off property maintenance is a liability. You cannot afford to fall behind on upkeep and repairs. When you trust LaPointe Construction Board Up Service with your property, you can focus on business. We individualize our services to meet the needs of our clients, no matter the size. With the careful attention of our tradesmen your property will look new, appealing, and be safe.


Temporary Fence Rental

We supply temporary fence rentals when you need them. Contractors and event planners can rely on us for on- time service. Keep LaPointe Construction Board Up Service on your contact list so we can be there when you need us.


Temporary Shoring

Whether it is an emergency or a restoration, we can provide temporary shoring services. Building safety and stability is the first priority when an event happens. With shoring, there is time to plan for repairs while still using the building.

Dumpster Rental Service

Dumpster Rental Service

We now offer 10 yard, 15 yard, and 20 yard dumpster containers for rental. We provide quick and reliable dumpster rental services. Our dumpsters can accommodate almost any small to mid-sized project. We always ensure a safe and professional delivery as well as a pickup that respects your property and schedule.


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